GTU Computer Engineering Syllabus Sem 8 PDFs Download

GTU Syllabus 7th Sem Computer Engineering – From this article, you can download GTU Computer Engineering sem 8, 4th year all subjects 2021 latest syllabus.

GTU Computer Engineering Syllabus Sem 8

*L=lectures, T=tutorial, P=Practical, E=TheoryExternal, M=TheoryInternal, I=Practical Internal, V=Practical External, ESE – End Semester Examination, PA – Progressive Assessment
Effective from: December 2017

SubCodeKnown AsSubject NameCreditsTeaching SchemeExamination MarksTotal
LTPTheory MarksPractical Marks
Viva (V)
2180703AIArtificial Intelligence640270302030150
2180706Project (Phase-II)160016002080100
2180709IOT and Applications530270302030150
2180710Big Data Analytics530270302030150
2180711Python Programming530270302030150
2180712CISCloud Infrastructure and Services530270302030150
2180713WDMWeb data Management530270302030150
2180714iOS Programming530270302030150
2180715APAndroid Programming530270302030150

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