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NCERT Exemplar Class 10 Science Book PDF for English and Hindi Medium is a great material for the CBSE board, National Level Science Talent Search Exam and etc, exam preparation. Every year in the Board exam, around 10% to 15% of the questions are coming from NCERT Exemplar Class 10 Science Book.

Download NCERT Exemplar Class 10 Science Book

Science Exemplar contains various types of questions. Questions include Multiple-Choice Type Questions (MCQ, MCQs), Short Answer Type Questions, and Long Answer Type Questions. These types of questions help students to understand complicated concepts and improve their problem-solving skills. So NCERT Class 10 Exemplar PDF is the best source of knowledge for STD 10 Students.

This Class 10 Science exemplar book of NCERT has been prepared for CBSE Syllabus. This book is for the CBSE Board and the CBSE Syllabus applicable state board. This book has logical questions, by solving which you can give your best performance in the competitive exam with complete confidence. With the help of this book, the performance of your exam will improve surely. As a result, the students will be able to face the final exam.

Why we use NCERT Exemplar Class 10 Science Book?

Each topic within this book is subtly explained. The formulas in the book will help you with your competitive exams. This book will help you solve your questions at a faster pace and help you sit in your exam with confidence. Read more about NCERT, Here

NCERT Exemplar Class 10 Science in English, Hindi

NCERT Exemplar Class 10 Science Book contains complex, twisted questions. Solving such problems will increase the logical and thinking power of the student. So that there is no doubt that will remain in the minds of the students about the questions. therefore, students can have a clear concept.

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There are download links that are provided for Science Exemplar, Click on the download button and directly download your Exemplar PDFs on your mobile. All download links are 100% safe. No Registration, Captcha, or survey required to download PDF. PDFs are uploaded to Google Drive, which is 100% safe and secure.

Download 1 PDF for Entire Exemplar

Direct Full PDFDownload
NCERT Exemplar Class 10 Science in EnglishDownload
NCERT Exemplar Class 10 Science in HindiDownload

Download Chapter Wise PDFs

Here, you can download chapter wise PDF of Exemplar book. All chapters PDF are available here. You can download PDFs by clicking on the Download button, which located on the right side in the table.

NCERT Exemplar Class 10 Science Chapter Wise PDF English Medium

No.Chapter NameDownload
1.Chemical Reactions and EquationsDownload
2.Acids, Bases, and SaltsDownload
3.Metals and Non-metalsDownload
4.Carbon and its CompoundsDownload
5.Periodic Classification of ElementsDownload
6.Life ProcessesDownload
7.Control and CoordinationDownload
8.How do Organisms Reproduce?Download
9.Heredity and EvolutionDownload
10Light – Reflection and RefractionDownload
11.The Human Eye and the Colourful WorldDownload
13.Magnetic Effects of Electric CurrentDownload
14.Sources of EnergyDownload
15.Our EnvironmentDownload
16.Management of Natural ResourcesDownload

NCERT Exemplar Class 10 Science Chapter Wise PDF Hindi Medium

Here, you can find the NCERT Class 10 Science Exemplar in the Hindi Language. This book is available for Hindi Medium students too.

No.Chapter NameDownload
1.रासायनिक अभिक्रियाएं एवं समीकरणDownload
2.अम्ल, क्षारक एवं लवणDownload
3.धातु एवं अधातुDownload
4.कार्बन एवं उसके यौगिकDownload
5.तत्वों का आर्वत वर्गीकरणDownload
6.जैव प्रक्रमDownload
7.नियंत्रण एवं समन्वयDownload
8.जीव जनन कैसे करते हैDownload
9.आनुवंशिकता एवं जैव विकासDownload
10प्रकाश- परावर्तन एवं अपरवर्तनDownload
11.मानव नेत्र तथा रंग बिरंगा संसारDownload
13.विद्दुत धरा के चुम्बकीय प्रभावDownload
14.ऊर्जा के स्त्रोतDownload
15.हमारा पर्यावरणDownload
16.प्राकृतिक संसाधनों का प्रबंधनDownload
17.प्रतिदर्श प्रश्न पत्र का प्रारूप-1Download
18.प्रतिदर्श प्रश्न पत्र का प्रारूप-2Download

This book will help the students to prepare well for the upcoming competitive exams.

What NCERT Exemplar Class 10 Science Book Contains?

There are 16 chapters in this book. Adequate knowledge is provided for each topic in each chapter. In this book, each chapter is divided into different parts. Such as Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs), Short Type Answer Questions, and Long Type Answer Questions.


  1. Where can I find NCERT Exemplar Class 10 Direct 1 PDF for Every Subject?

    Here in this post, you can find 1 PDF of the entire NCERT Class 10 Science Exemplar.

  2. Where can I find NCERT Exemplar Class 10 Science in Hindi?

    Here in this post, you can find NCERT Exemplar Class 10 Science Exemplar in Hindi.

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