GSEB 12 Science Journal [Blank+Written] {PCB} [Guj-Eng] Practical Book

In this post, I have given the GSEB 12th Science Physics, Chemistry & Biology Practical Book (Journal) (Written+Empty) PDF in both Gujarati and English Medium for Gujarat Board students.

So how’s it going? I mean learning. Hope you are studying hard. That’s why you came across the VisionPapers while searching for the Physics, Chemistry or maybe Biology Journal (Practical Book) of GSEB 12th Science. Let’s not worry about that, that’s journal PDFs have given in this post.

GSEB 12th Science Journal and Practical Books of Physics, Chemistry, Biology in English & Gujarati Medium

To download the GSEB STD 12 Science Practical Book, click on whatever subject you want in the table below, then click on Download Button. Then GSEB 12th Science Practical Book PDF will start downloading automatically.

GSEB 12th Science Journal {Blank} {Empty}

There is a shortage of the 12th Science Practical Book (Journal) in Gujarat. Due to this everybody is currently looking for the 12th Science Blank or Empty Journal PDF, but the problem is that not a single website providing empty journal PDF to the student. To solve this problem VisionPapers has brought the GSEB 12th Science Empty (not written) Physics, Chemistry and Biology Journal PDF for English, Gujarati and Hindi Medium Students.

No.Gujarati Medium (Empty Journal)English Medium (Empty Journal)Hindi Medium (Empty Journal)
1.Physics JournalPhysics JournalPhysics Journal
2.Chemistry JournalChemistry JournalChemistry Journal
3.Biology JournalBiology JournalBiology Journal
Source: Gujarat Board

GSEB 12 Science Journal {Handwritten} For Gujarati Medium

No.Gujarati Medium (Written)
1.GSEB 12th Physics Journal in Gujarati – V1
2.GSEB 12th Physics Journal in Gujarati – V2
3.GSEB 12th Chemistry Journal in Gujarati – V1
4.GSEB 12th Chemistry Journal in Gujarati – V2
5.GSEB 12th Biology Journal in Gujarati
GSEB 12th Science Lab Manual [Gujarati Medium]
ગુજરાત બોર્ડ ધોરણ ૧૨ સાયન્સ પ્રાયોગિક નોંધપોથી
V1 – Version 1 | V2 – Version 2

GSEB 12 Science Journal {Handwritten} For English Medium

No.English Medium (Written)
1.GSEB 12th Physics Journal in English
2.GSEB 12th Chemistry Journal in English – V1
3.GSEB 12th Chemistry Journal in English – V2
4.GSEB 12th Biology Journal in English
GSEB 12th Lab Manual [English Medium]
Read below Notice
PCB – Physics Chemistry Biology
V1 – Version 1 | V2 – Version 2

Important Notice:
Due to the lower quality of English medium journals. English medium students have a chance to earn money from us. You can send your journals pdfs after finishing them. In return, you will earn some money.
Scan your journal with adobe scan or any other scanner app. Make a good quality pdf and then upload it on google drive and send the download link to VisionPapers with the contact us form.
Mention your UPI ID for payment.

Link – Contact us Form


I hope you have downloaded the Physics, Chemistry & Biology Practical Book PDF of 12th science Gujarat Board Successfully. And if there is a problem let me know in the comments below. I will be happy to solve your problems.

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  1. ⭐ What is the 12th Science Journal Book? What is the use?

    GSEB 12th Science journal book is used to post all experiment entries in detail. It is used when you are experimenting so that you don't make a mistake.

  2. ⭐ How to Download GSEB 12th Science Journal? ✅ Uploaded GSEB 12th Science Journal (Practical Book) in both Gujarati & English Medium. You can download from there.

  3. ⭐ Which Subject Journals are available on VisionPapers?

    VisionPapers has provided all three subjects- Physics, Chemistry and Biology Journal PDFs.

  4. ⭐ Where to Download 12th Science Chemistry & Physics Journal?

    You are lucky enough because VisionPapers has uploaded the chemistry journal. So you can simply download it from

  5. ⭐ Where to Download 12th Science Biology Practical Book?

    In this post, Biology practical book download links are provided for both English and Gujarati Medium. Just download and fillup your practical book.

  6. ⭐ How to Download Non-Written (Blank or Empty) Journal of GSEB 12th Science? has Provided Blank journal PDFs. Just go and download.

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